Goodbye winter, hello summer season!
FCS Admirals 2021/22 Futsal team
This season was really hard for us.
Half of our last year’s lineup had problems with different injuries and all the new inexperienced players had to learn the basics.
Now we are more prepared for the next season 🙂
Big thanks to our main squad:
Juri Gavrilchenko
Egert Oiov
Eerik Elenurm
Kristjan Mesila
Rauno Piip
Rene Rannamägi
Roland Säde
Jaan Kabal
And to all other old&new players who participated partially this year:
Herman Eek, Mait Uusmäe, Ülari Tohver, Bahaa Sh,
Alberto Charlesworth, Mattia Magnalardo, Mooses Leinštrep,
Jose Antonio Amador, Juhan Lilleorg, Henrik Sepp,
Oliver Reinumäe, Kristo Ruben, Kristofer Kommer ⚽️
Thanks to Admirals for supporting our cause. (
Thanks to the Grandliiga team & organizer Rami Ria
We will be back and stronger in autumn 2022 !💪✊⚽️