Membership info

Please make yourself an user in application and we will contact you! 

Register to your first free training by marking “IN” on a training event in application.

If you find out you can’t attend the training then please un-register yourself ASAP.

You are welcome to choose a membership type after your first free training (please confirm it by sending email to!

Payment options:

Cash, Bank transfer or through (

Many firms compensate training expenses for their workers. Please ask your boss about it 🙂 

We can also send monthly/quarterly bills. Please let us know if you have any questions!

LHV BANK • Soccer Social Club • EE317700771006166866

Membership types


Single training

To be paid before the training in cash or to our bank account (explanation: date of the training)

The captain of the training is allowed to exclude you from training if payment has not been made!


1 training per week (HALF 1/2 MEMBERSHIP)

Let us know which is your favourite training(s). Players with 1 training per week membership get their favourite training(s) invites first!

With this packet, you can train with us 5 times per month. 

Extra training is 7.- Eur.


2+ training per week (FULL MEMBERSHIP)

Choose two favourite trainings. Members with 2+ training per week membership get their favourite training invites first!

If there are free spots left then you can attend all other OPEN training for free. So far everyone has had a chance to train up to 5 times a week.

More info:

*A fine 7.- Eur has to be paid if these two statements are true (For all membership types and even if this is your 1st training):

1) OPEN training event reached full capacity and a player did not show up. That Player took away a training spot that could have been used by another player.

2) The same player did not un-register himself 90 minutes before the training.


*If you want to cancel your membership let us know 30 days before! (Inform us

If a player wants to end his membership and lets us know by 15.06 then membership will be ended by 15.07 (50% of the fee has to be paid for the last month). 

*You can apply for a discount if you are injured for more than 15 days.

*If you want to resume your MEMBERSHIP then a fee of 10.- Euros will be applied.

*All competitive team players go by 2+ training full membership

*All training invites for the upcoming week are sent on Saturday/Sunday.