11vs11, 7vs7 or 5vs5? what is your style? We have teams for all! 

During summer we have 7vs7 teams participating in “rahvaliiga” B level.

Our main team JK Loo plays 11vs11 in the Estonian IIIrd league. Next season we are planning to add another 11vs11 team to IV league.

During the winter season we participate in 5vs5 futsal “saalirahvaliiga”

Our main futsal team FCS Admirals is playing in the top division at the SEM.ee futsal league.  We are planning to join EJL official “saaliliiga” next year.

All 16+ players  are welcome to our open gamedays. Call your friends & neighbors.

Kids & younger players can join our youth system FC Tiigrid (info@fctiigrid.ee)

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Soccer Social Club • EE317700771006166866

More info: info@fcs.ee, +372 58 092 967 or in Facebook messenger.

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